Year: 2019-Present


Every parent has an activity they love doing with their kiddos. Maybe it’s playing at the park, going camping, or enjoying a movie night.

For my boys and I, we love to do charity 5Ks together. But there’s also a twist: they suit up in their favorite superhero costumes, while I rock my ballgown, crown and sash.

My son Brycen and twin boys Brodi and Bronx have been tagging along with me to charity 5Ks since the beginning. I started attending lots of charity events when I won my first title as Mrs. Poulsbo in 2019, and my boys wanted to come with me. I loved the idea, and saw it as an amazing opportunity to show them the importance of philanthropy and volunteerism.

Since I loved getting dressed up for charity 5Ks, I thought it would be super fun for them to come along dressed as their favorite superheroes. Whether they are Captain America or Batman, they have a riot and their costumes always add a little flair and fun to these events.

It was always my priority to raise my children to be global citizens, and aware of other people’s struggles. I’ve explained to them how I used to get my food from the food bank when I was little, and it’s awesome that I don’t have to do that anymore because I was able to get an education. I’ve always wanted them to recognize that they have been given a wonderful, comfortable life – but not everybody is as fortunate as they are and sometimes, these people need help just like mommy used to.


My boys and I have taken part in at least 30 races over the last few years that benefit a wide range of national causes like muscular dystrophy and St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, as well local ones including a 5K fundraiser for a local girl who was fighting cancer.

By nature, little kids tend to focus only on themselves and it’s hard for them to think about others if they are just being told to do kind things. When I bring them to these races, I feel like I am giving them a real, tangible experience that shows them they are doing something meaningful that will make an impact on someone’s life. And, I’m showing them that they can have fun while doing it!

At their ages, they are beginning to understand the impacts they are making and developing an incredible sense of empathy for people in need. If it’s a hot day and they see someone homeless, they want to stop somewhere and get them ice cream. If there’s a volunteer opportunity or charity event happening at school, they sign us up right away. Helping people in need is always in the front of their minds, and it’s never an afterthought.

Every mother wants to raise a child who cares about other people and is kind and compassionate, and I am so proud to see those qualities in my children. When they look back on their lives someday, I want them to feel like their mom set an example of how people should treat others: with understanding, respect, and dignity.